Palanca Prayer

Almighty God and our Father, we thank You for all Your generosity, for what we are, and what You want us to be. We are grateful for gathering us together in the Cursillo Community.

May we strive to know You better and with Your grace, may we follow Your divine will and Your Church's decrees.

Please forgive our failings as we forgive those who fail us.

We most humbly beg You to replenish our various needs. Please strengthen our faith and set our hearts ablaze for love of You so that we may love each other and love even those who reject us.

In our various environments, may we live in You and be like You, to bring You to others not by words but by our daily lived examples.

We beseech You to direct our thoughts, words, and actions in praise and love of You so that our hope of joining You in Your eternal kingdom, with our Blessed Mother, shall be fulfilled. These we all ask in Jesus' Precious Name, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, world without end. Amen.