Love. Especially, Christian love.
Agape Meal (Via De Christo):
On Saturday evening (the day of the Easter service) Rainbow had an agape feast in celebration of our Lord's ressurection. The dinner table is formed in the shape of a cross (where possible), festively decorated, and dinner is enjoyed to candlelight. During dessert, the community enters (usually 50-70 people) and "serenade" the pilgrims and team. Niagra Falls is almost guaranteed.
a closing. On Sunday evening the witness and support of the veteran cursillistas at the close of the three days.
Cross Ceremony (Via De Christo):
right before closing the pilgrims and team gather in chapel. The Weekend Leader calls out the names of the new pilgrims, who come forward. A cross is placed around their neck by one of the Pastors with the words "Christ is Counting on You" to which the new pilgrim responds "And I am counting on Him". Lots of hugs follow. Nice, moving conclusion of the weekend experience right before the actual Closing.
a short course of lectures.
Cursillo de Christianidad:
Full title of the movement, meaning a short course of lectures in Christian living. Cursillos de Christianidad does indeed mean a short course in Christian living, but it doesn't refer to a course of instruction (lectures). Rather, it means a short running course (such as St. Paul's admonition to run the good race). It is something to experience, not just to understand intellectually, which is implied in thinking of a course of instruction. Further, the talks or rollos should never be prepared as lectures, but as a sharing of life experience by those who are using the Cursillo method.
A person who has taken a short course of study, or made the three days.
De Colores:
of colors. The life of grace has many colors. De Colores - it means the many colors which represent all of these weekends. They are so colorful, it really makes you happy.
careful attention. The small group of cursillistas at the three days which is formed for discussions and summaries.
Dying Moments:
Our Emmaus community just changed to this name, which I think is widely used in Cursillo, from calling it the service of confession and healing. We do it on Saturday afternoon.
Grace Mat:
an 8.5"x17" piece of white paper that has been decorated usually with Bible Verses, or special sayings like "De Colores" and pictures perhaps from coloring books or magazine cut-outs or comic strips or just anything that can have a funny or serious message and they are used as place mats at each meal for each participant. People pray over them so that certain verses will apply to the people who get each grace mat. There are also special grace mats that are made for each participant that utilizes some special word...mine was LEADER..and is different for each participant--but this is done by the palanca people at that weekend. The other grace mats are general and can be done by anyone!
A popular song sung early in the morning to celebrate a saint's day, birthday, etc.
According to Bonnin, the original Cursillo weekend did not have Las Mananitas. In 1966 (or 1967), Bonnin was invited to talk to a weekend at Mexico and he was supprised with Las Mananitas on Sunday morning. However, he liked the idea and brought back to Spain, but Cursillistas at Spain rejected it. Few years later, Las Mananitas was accepted and was part of the weekend in Spain. He said OK to have Las Mananitas, but remember that it not the authentic of three days.

Lever or Wedge, used for carrying a load, influence. The prayer and sacrifice which is offered to God in petition for grace. The lever allows a person to move something beyond his/her strength, as prayer and sacrifice allow an apostle to accomplish more than he/she would be capable of otherwise.

Palanca is that which can be used to move something large and immobile. On our team, the Spiritual director handed out small wedges on strings for us to wear, to remind us that "palanca" is a wedge, a means to create change and movement.

a talk that is heavily anecdotal and experiential.
One who gives a rollo, called speakers, professors, instructors.
Fourth Day:
Well, that's every single day after your walk, whether Emmaus, Cursillo, Chrysalis, Via De Christo, whichever.
something beyond. The monthly meeting linking all cursillistas in an area that is the visible Christian community of the Cursillo. Also used as an exclamation, as at the end of a fourth day talk, "Ultreya!", or "Onward!" Often called a Gathering in the Emmaus movement. At least regionally (there is some difference of opinion here) Chrysalis community uses the phrase, "Fly With Christ" as their motto, much like the De Colores and Ultreya that the other communities use. The Challenge movement uses "Maranatha!" (which in English means "Come, Lord Jesus") as their greeting (used in the same was as "De Colores" is used).

Some movements have tried to "demystify" the movement by changing some of the Spanish terms to words that are more familiar to English speakers. In addition, the Roman Catholic Cursillo has changed the names of some of talks, as explained below.

The change in Piety, Study, Action, is only for the RC Movement. The terms were changed to "Holiness, Formation and Evangelization" in order to fit in with the terminology used by the Catholic Church. In this case with particular regard to a Vatican II document named "Evangelization in the Modern World" The RC Cursillo is a movement of the church and as such always strives to stay as closely in step with its teachings and language as possible.
Rector = Weekend Leader
Spiritual Director = Pastor
Rollo = Talk
Rollo Room = Talk Room
Habitual Grace = Grace
Actual Grace = Grace, Too!
Cursillista = Pilgrim
Team Member = Pilgrim
Clausura = Closing
Decuria = Poster Presentation
Cha cha = Gopher
Professor = Table Leader
Reunion Group = small group, sharing group, prayer group, etc.